Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Say right even its bitter

A liar can’t be trusted; even they tell you a truth.

THAT is our evaluation about a liar. Once we lied and it had been caught, peoples will never give a total trust to us.

As I have read from an article authored by Psychiatric Nurse, Derek Wood, PhD Candidate from Get Mental Help Inc., Mental Health Matters, there are a number of reasons that people lying. Those reasons are:

  1. Fear. This is the most common reason because they are taking shelter from the perception of punishment. They think that lying can safe them from any punishments
  2. Habit. It can be a reason to lie too. Even when confronted by the truth, insist on the lie is the truth in this case
  3. Learning through modeling. When people see others lie, especially when they get away with it, they may become more prone to lie
  4. Lying to get what they want

The reason on number 2, 3 and 4 are irrelevant action to behave. But the first reason about avoiding punishment, fear and danger may be used for some situation.

As reported by Bukhari and Muslim, once upon a time our prophet, Muhammad sitting under a tree with his companion (sahabat). Suddenly a Quraish infidel in anger comes with a sword in his hand and asking, “O, Muhammad have u see someone had just passing here?” Muhammad standing up and says, “Since I standing, I’m not seeing anyone passing here.” Then, the asker leaves with full of anger on his face.

The companion feel confuse hearing the answer of Muhammad because the truth is there is really a man in extremely fear passing by the place before the Quraish arrive. So the companion asks a description about the scenario.

Muhammad says, he only saw the man that wanted by Quraish during he sits, not during he stands up. The Prophet’s answer was, “Since I standing, I’m not seeing anyone passing here.”

It’s a miss direction to save a life!!!

What is our stand about lying behavior? Are we lie because of fear, as a habit, social learning or to get what we want? Are we a fully trusted person for others?

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