Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reverse thinking about love and wealth

Last week in hari raya, i watched a short drama in TV titled Halimah Jongang. Its a comedy but it makes me thinking reversely. Please enjoy the Halimah Jongang song by Eddie Hamid untill it ends... It's very funny...

One of a kampung boy likes a pretty girl. The girl comes from a prestige and wealthy family. Her mother looks more to a value of money. But the 'kampung boy' doesn't has much for it.

The kampung boy says, "Makcik, i have a true love. I love makcik's daughter very much."

The makcik asks him to save at least rm30,000 to get married with her daughter.

Tonight, the makcik and her daugther have fun chit-chat. The mother says, "Can you imagine? How can only true love gives a happines to your life? Can he (kampung boy) goes to a shop and tell the seller like this? 'Hello shopkeeper, i have a true love. May i buy some rice from you? I will pay by this true love' Hahahaha"

I think, maybe it's true. The ONLY true love can't give us happiness to build a life and family. We need to work hard and get some money to fare our life.

But at the same time, i think reversely. How if we ask back to a girl, "I have money. May I get your true love? I will pay it as much as u want."

We can't buy a material by love. And we can't buy a love by money... What is your comment?

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